Laser Cutting Process

We use Laser Cutting and Engraving technologies across a wide and diverse range of products. Please feel free to call to discuss your specific requirements.

Using Lasers can be very cost effective for cutting materials as well as laser engraving.

"Ask Restaurants" laser cut signs with light oak finish


Laser Cutting Wood Process

Using state of the art laser cutter technologies. Enables us here at The Grain Sign Company to make items with sharper details. Without the use of a CNC Router the inside corners of graphics are much more exact as there is no router bit “Getting in the way”. Meaning your Graphic or Letter play wood design is exactly as designed.

We hold extensive stocks of MDF veneered panels in Ash, Sapele, Oak, Maple and Cherry.

Birch Faced Plywood is also an excellent choice for a cost effective solution.
Ash, Iroko and Oak Hardwoods along with Southern Yellow Pine and Cedar are available immediately from our stockholding.

We also stock Latvian Birch Plywoods.

If there are any specialist woods not seen on our website please feel free to contact us so we can supply to order.

Laser engraved and cut of "Im resting" room notifier signs

With Laser cutting, no cutting tools are needed so we can get an extremely accurate and clean cut making the final product far more impressive to look at.

Smaller scale is also better achieved when laser cutting. For example trade show items do not necessarily have to be large items, but smaller tangible items that customers can pick up and touch. Giving a hands on sense to items

Layered wood signs are fairly common with laser cutting, as it easily creates more depth.

As Jim Henson said “Simple Is Good”

laser Cut sign - The Grain - Display Sign -simple is good

Material Choice








Light Cedar

Red Cedar


Finish Choice





White Rub

Black Ash

Rust Wood