Laser Carving & Engraving Process

We use Laser Cutting and Engraving technologies across a wide and diverse range of products. Please feel free to call to discuss your specific requirements.


Laser Engraved Signs

Lasers can be very cost effective for cutting materials as well as engraving however thickness of material will have to be kept in mind. As there is a thickness limit on laser engravers but the can be helped with the use of layering techniques.

Our Process is one of simplicity.

Every single item which is engraved is treated in the same fashion irrelevant of its size. Every item is constructed, clean and prepared for lasering. An extremely wide range of color infills are available mostly in stock and for some more exotic colors these are available upon request. We able to use full BS standard colors, as well as Pantone and RAL color pallets.

Laser engraving is not just limited to smaller items but can be fully utilized on large scale signage.

Due to the nature of laser engraved signs as there are no cutting tools. The resolution of the design can be much higher and fidelity kept. As the laser will copy exactly what the design is. And this can be for all sizes from small Point of sale and keyfob size items. All the way up to 2m & 3m Exterior signs.

This cannot however be paired with with our sandblasting techniques, but smaller laser cut inset panels can be used to create a similar effect.

We hold extensive stocks of MDF veneered panels in Ash, Sapele, Oak, Maple and Cherry. Birch Faced Plywood is also an excellent choice for a cost effective solution.
Ash, Iroko and Oak Hardwoods along with Southern Yellow Pine and Cedar are available immediately from our stock holding.

We also stock Latvian Birch Plywoods.

"Yoshan Tea" laser carved sign with black colour infill

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