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New Lost Kingdom Area Opening At Paulton’s Park

7th July 2016

We were pleased to be asked by Paultons park to be apart of their new attraction “Lost Kingdom” earlier on this year.


On this project we were able to bring forward some new techniques we had been working on such as the sign for the “Velociraptor”.


2016-05-07 13.59.47

For the velociraptor sign we were asked to make a full 3d sign for the theme park ride entrance.

This was made from sheets of High Density Urethane foam (HDU) We modeled the desired shape, then hand carved all the detailing to give a much more impressive entrance sign with a 1/1 scale replica of a raptor looking down on you whilst you walk underneath.


"Paultons Park" 3d HDU entrance signage, Themepark sign, 3d sign, T-rex sign, trex

For this project at Paulton’s Park, there was a huge demand for 3 dimensional signage for most, if not all of the new rides and attractions being debuted. For the “Dinosaurs Alive” sign this has 3d carved letters with a 3d background, which as the silhouette of a T-rex. This sign had a custom blend of one of our most well known techniques for sandblasted wood signs being the backdrop with a color fade. This as then mixed with the 3d carved letters and T-rex silhouette to give a real depth to the sign.

"Paultons Park" Flight of the Pterosaur, Themepark Signage, 3d carved sign, Dinosaur sign, Ptersosaur, Hand crafted signs

Done in a very similar style to the “Velociraptor” sign previously mentioned.

“Flight of the Pterosaur” has a full HDU head, fibre glass wings and 2d letters to make a great looking theme park sign. Keeping the theme of the “Lost Kingdom” the circular backdrop is kept to link in to the main Lost Kingdom Sign helping to keep some continuity throughout the theme park. This was mounted on “Wibbly Wobbly” wood posts which we sandblasted with our standard technique to give a slightly weathered look the the sign and to keep that dinosaur / pre-historic look.

"Paultons Park" Discovery trail, Entrance sign, wayfinding signage, 3d crafted sign, wooden posts

The smaller theme park signs are also 3d carved, the “Discovery Trail” area of the park again reflects this. To keep the same look as the other signs in this area of the them park they have the same “Wibbly Wobbly” posts, which have been sandblasted again for that weathered look and to give a bit of texture.

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